Retail Window Cleaning

Every business owner knows that the appearance of their commercial property is the key to attracting more customers. The well-designed structure of the product displays and the welcoming atmosphere are just as important to one brand’s image as the actual products it puts up for sale.

We offer daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, in fact any type of regularity you require for your retail outlet. We also offer an emergency cleaning service to all our clients in case of vandalism or an unfortunate accident to keep your place looking sharp at all times. We also prepare and remove window display graphics.

Retail window cleaning service

The first thing that catches a person’s attention is the surface-level appearance, most often the outside look of anything is the reason why people show further interest to either invest their time in getting to know somebody or to spend their money on certain consumer goods. Both investments are the result of the so-called “first impressions”, which indicates that the initial presentation of anything plays a big role in their societal and economic development.

Our window cleaning company has great expertise providing a quality commercial window cleaning service which will impress the target customers and will make other retailers jealous.

The better the management of the retail unit, the more potential clients will line up to check what the store can offer. That’s why “The London Window Cleaning Company” is prepared to provide retailers with the following services:

Shopping centre window cleaning services

The shopping centre is the domain of many retailers – it accommodates many different retail businesses and has to make sure that it offers its visitors the optimal variety of products and services. Since shopping centres in London vary in size, our carpet cleaners are equipped with a special water fed pole which can reach windows which are as high as 65 ft. Most often the reach and wash system enables the window cleaners to reach every part of the outside part of the windows, which is what the building is mainly covered in. Thanks to this window cleaning system, the facade of any shopping centre will retrieve its glossy and spotless shine.

Showroom window cleaning services

The showroom space is intended to showcase brand new products like luxurious furniture pieces and fancy machinery, which means that such places can attract people with all kinds of backgrounds and intentions. But the goal of the showroom is to actually make people want to buy certain goods, which are most often a total splurge. Therefore maintaining the interior of that property and taking care of its windows is a great investment towards gaining more consumer interest.

Our window cleaners can easily restore the appearance of the glass windows and revamp the condition of all the window frames and sills. Undoubtedly, that way not only will the displayed products shine, but the showroom windows will, too.

Retail unit window cleaning services

Any retailer knows how much effort goes into creating the perfect shop window display, which resonates with the brand’s image and its target customers. No wonder why “window shopping” has established itself as an activity which doesn’t involve actual money sending, but rather just looking at the beautifully designed retail unit windows.

Many retailers who prefer to opt for a professional shop window cleaning service state that the results always align with their initial expectations and would in fact, hire a window cleaning company to perform the service again.

Our window cleaners have the needed set of skills and equipment to transform the look of any ordinary window into a flawlessly appearing retail unit window. With the help of professional squeegees and the right cleaning solution our team completes their job productively – taking care of both the inside and outside part of the windows.

Retail storefront cleaning services

Although the retail windows attract most of the clients’ attention, the entire storefront plays a crucial part in the appearance of any commercial premises. The window cleaners can take care of all elements of the storefront:


Window frames

Glass doors


Store signs

The water-fed pole is designed to reach all of the mentioned storefront components. The purified water which reaches each angle of the window glass eliminates any spots and unwanted smudges. The surface is then completely streak-free, which enables the window shoppers to enjoy the views inside the store to the fullest.

* Each retail window cleaning service is conducted in accordance to the health and safety legislation of the commercial property. Throughout the cleaning service the technicians always take into account the amount of traffic in and outside the store, so that the process is completed without any unwanted accidents.

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Securing a retail window cleaning service with “The London Window Cleaning Company” will lead any retailer to the path of success. The easiest way one could enhance their brand is to simply show that their retail spaces are treated with the same attention to detail as the quality of the goods they sell.

For Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Our Staff is trained to clean everything you need!

For Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Our Staff is trained to clean everything you need!