Conservatory window cleaning London

Having a conservatory means that you have to put some extra effort maintaining the conservatory windows which are like magnets for all kinds of dirt both on the outside and the inside. That’s why we at “The London Window Cleaning Company” have established an efficient cleaning system which allows us to assist anyone with their conservatory cleaning struggles.

Professional conservatory window cleaning services

Conservatories can serve as a greenhouse, a lounge area or even as a dining room, therefore depending on their use and the type of material they’re made of, there are different cleaning approaches.

Our professional window cleaners will perform the following steps when cleaning conservatory windows:

  • The roof and the outside part of the window will be cleaned with the assistance of a water-fed pole system, which is installed in our company’s van. This helps us reach every part of the window surface and cleaning it with purified water prevents smudges and unpleasant streaks.
  • Solar panels can be cleaned, too with the telescopic pole.
  • The inside part of the conservatory windows will be cleaned with an arsenal of window cleaning tools – a telescopic brush, window wiper, professional handheld squeegee, microfibre cleaning cloths and of course, warm soapy water.
  • The window frames and panes both on the out and- inside will be carefully dusted and cleaned from any visible filth. Whether you have wooden or uPVC frames, we are prepared to treat them in accordance to their material characteristics by using suitable cleaning solutions, without causing any damage.

The most significant part of any conservatory is the roof, which should be cleaned more often, so that the accumulated debris does not cause further damage. The two most common materials that are used for conservatory roofs are polycarbonate and glass. Our conservatory cleaners will immediately recognise the type of roof your conservatory has and won’t apply cleaning techniques and solutions that would be harmful to the construction.

Reasons to have your conservatory windows professionally treated

The perks of professional window cleaning are many, that’s why everyone should take advantage of hiring an experienced window cleaner. When the conservatory window cleaning is done properly, the homeowner will enjoy a pleasant aftermath which consists of:

  • Crystal clear conservatory window glass;
  • Freshly cleaned window panes which will have a longer lifespan;
  • The regular cleaning of all the windows will reduce mildew collection in poorly ventilated conservatories;
  • The conservatory interior will benefit, too, from the systematic conservatory upkeep.

Conservatory window cleaners near me

When booking a professional window cleaning service with “The London Cleaning Company” you are guaranteed that not only the glass windows or the polycarbonate roof will receive the treatment they need but so will the exterior and the interior conservatory framework, the windowsills and panels. The conservatory cleaner will also give you essential conservatory cleaning tips, if there are smaller tasks that even you can do daily in order to reduce the amount of cleaning.

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