Residential block window cleaning

Most people who are used to taking care of their own homes may sometimes forget that the residential building they live in has to be maintained properly, too, in order to make the residential block more welcoming and desirable for new tenants. However, being in charge of all the cleaning chores that must be performed in the entire building is not an option for people who can barely upkeep their own living space. That’s why block management companies exist – to navigate all the maintenance tasks, which should be done on a weekly or a monthly basis, so that the residential blocks provide decent sanitary conditions for the tenants.

One of the more grand treatments that an apartment building has to go through is to have its windows cleaned, especially the outside part, which collects all the dirt from the surrounding environment.

“The London Window Cleaning Company” is here to provide professional window cleaning services to:

Any regular residential block tenant

Residential block apartment owners

Block management companies

Why residential window cleaning is important

Cleaning your windows is that annual task that you either just complete and forget about or you never even think of the appearance of your windows. That way a long time will pass before you realise that your view seems deprived of vibrancy and colour, but is instead projected through the filthy window glass you have casually neglected all this time.

Removing all the build up dirt from your apartment windows is most literally like upgrading from a Standard to an HD TV. You would be surprised to find out how much grime and dust the window glass collects on its surface. Getting rid of that unnecessary filth is not only going to improve your view from the inside, but will also show that the owner of the apartment knows how to take care of their property.

Maintaining the overall state of the windows is crucial to their lifespan. Simply cleaning the frames, the sills and the window mullions will improve their chances of completing their duties for as long as possible. The lack of upkeep of these important elements of the window can result in having to deal with endless repairs and maybe even replacing entire window structures.

Improving the appearance of the residential block is impossible without taking care of the windows first. Especially if the window glass plays an intricate part of the building’s architecture.

Specifics of the residential block window cleaning service

Our fully trained window cleaners are equipped with a special water fed pole system, without which, it would be unthinkable to complete such a hard task like the upkeep of windows at greater heights. These water-fed poles are designed to reach the outside part of the windows, which are located on upper stories of the building. The one that our team works with can be expanded up to 65 ft. and reach windows that are just as high as that.

Thanks to the reservoir in our company’s van, our reach and wash system relies on using only purified water, which helps eliminate unpleasant after-effects of the cleaning like streaks and stubborn spots.

The technicians can operate without even entering the inside premises and will still deliver excellent results by leaving behind completely clean windows.

Residential block window cleaning services for apartment owners and tenants

Everyone who leases an apartment in a small block or owns one in it can feel free to reach out to our window cleaning company in London and hire one of our specialists to perform the needed domestic window cleaning. In that case we can easily settle on the perfect date for the job and discuss the wishes of the customer regarding the service.

Residential block window cleaning services for block management companies

Block management companies can, too, contact us and arrange all the details about the windows of the residential building and their specific needs. In that case the window cleaners would have to operate on a larger scale and therefore the company which hires us has to be very precise about their wishes and what is expected from the service.

Secure a window cleaning service

for residential blocks

You can give “The London Window Cleaning Company” a call on 020 3026 5489 and let us help you give your residential block a very much needed makeover by achieving the optimal window cleaning results!

For Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Our Staff is trained to clean everything you need!

For Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Our Staff is trained to clean everything you need!