Window Cleaning for Block of flats in North Western London

Living in an apartment building may be convenient and requires less maintenance compared to a house with a garden, but that doesn’t mean that you can say goodbye to the regular upkeep so easily. At least once a year every tenant feels the urge to deep clean their living space, which includes everything from decluttering to cleaning carpets and of course, bringing back the shine to your glass windows.

Cleaning Residential block Windows

“The London Window Cleaning Company” has gained a lot of experience working on residential buildings and operating on all types of windows. Therefore when a customer in North Western London contacted us to book a professional window cleaning service for a block of flats, we immediately took the chance to assist them.

appartment window cleaning

Since working on residential buildings is more advanced due to the height of the windows, our team of professional window cleaners in London were prepared with our Reach and Wash system. There’s a water tank with purified water installed in our commercial van and it is connected to a water fed pole, which can be extended up to 65 ft. This makes it easier for the cleaners to reach every corner of the outside part of the windows, without even having access to the inside part of the building.

We assessed the sanitary state of the windows and managed to deliver a top notch service by eliminating the build up grime from the glass surface. At the end there were no streaks left on the windows because of the special brush on the top of the water fed pole. This cleaning procedure was efficiently conducted and that’s why not only was the glass once again shiny but so were the outside window frames and sills.

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Professional residential window cleaning services in NW London

Cleaning your windows shouldn’t be only done during the spring cleaning craze but should rather become a regular chore which would ensure spotless windows and a prettier view of the scenery outside.

“The London Window Cleaning Company” is certified for providing professional window cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties, which is the reason why we can help anyone retrieve the clean look of their windows.

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