Cleaning Skylights Windows in London

Having skylights has its pros and cons – on one hand they make the indoor space look more spacious and well-lit, on the other they are more expensive and also harder to upkeep due to their positioning. However, many tenants still see them as a great practical perk and enjoy the chance of having more sunlight inside throughout the day. And when it comes to cleaning these types of windows, it is a no-brainer to hire a professional window cleaner, who would not only do the job properly but also without falling off or breaking something.

Professional skylight window cleaning

“The London Window Cleaning Company” has operated on many domestic and commercial premises with velux or skylight windows, which has helped us gain more experience in treating these untraditional building openings and therefore perfecting the cleaning methods we use on them.

A new client of our window cleaning company reached out to get professional assistance for cleaning a couple of skylights in their flat. They had shared that cleaning them on the inside isn’t that difficult and they have managed to do this part of the window cleaning process, but they found the outside glass impossible to treat, unless going on the roof of the building, which was a risk they didn’t want to take.

The team of window cleaners we sent to the customer’s flat inspected the location of the skylights and their sanitary state and knew exactly how to proceed. First, they used a window cleaning solution and a professional squeegee to clean the inside glass and took a microfibre towel to wipe away any dirt from the frames. Then one of the window cleaners prepared an expandable window cleaning brush, which would be able to cover the outside part of the windows. This professional tool ultimately saved the day – the skylights regained their shine and all was completed safely.

Hire a professional window cleaning company

Looking through dirty windows can be extremely upsetting, especially if you have devoted a lot of time on the upkeep of your home’s interior. Skylights may be a great addition to any room, but cleaning them is hard and demanding in both equipment and skills.

“The London Window Cleaning Company” can provide anyone with the window cleaning service, which would deliver satisfactory results, all you have to do is contact us here.

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