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Our research shows that most people find cleaning their windows a time consuming chore and depending on where you live, a bit on the dangerous side. So quite often your window cleaning needs are ignored.

Get a window cleaning company you can trust

At the London Window Cleaning Company we are specialists in our field, enabling us to clean your windows safely while delivering you a professional and committed service. At all times we complete a risk assessment and will provide you with a written quote. We also ask for feedback on our service as we are always striving to improve.

Window cleaning for every type of building

Using the reach and wash system we are able to reach heights of 65 feet, without the use of ladders or other access equipment, therefore allowing the operative to keep their feet on the ground, complying with all aspects of Health & Safety. This means we are able to help with

Your peace of mind is important to us

We know that you just want the job done regularly so its another chore you can forget about. We are a reliable team of operatives that will ensure you receive a regular professional service

For a competitively priced window cleaning service, please call now on 020 7792 0801 for a free quote

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